We had a fantastic time on our Let’s Get Creative week in the Easter holidays. The young people worked together so well and created a fantastic showcase of a…

Short film, dance performances, video game design and presentation, a recorded song about Creation and the world and a short RADIO DRAMA, which was broadcasted on our radio station in 2018. The young people spent the week developing new skills and choosing the activities they wanted to focus on. We also played some group games and had a brilliant time learning a group dance with ‘Stance’ from National YFC.

The young people worked so hard all week and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends. We had some brilliant feedback as well from the young people who wanted the week to be longer and have also booked onto our SPRING WEEKEND.

Spring weekend is a fantastic, energetic weekend of fun at Eaton Vale Activity Centre. See below to find out what we get up to!



Every Spring at Eaton Vale, Norwich.


In the mornings and evenings we join The Sense band in The Mix where there is music, games and a quick talk!

During the day time we have a chance to get involved in different activities, some run by Eaton Vale, where we get a chance to use their awesome outdoor activity equipment, and some run by our team of fantastic team of youth workers.

On Saturday evening The Sense will be hosts “The Mix Has Got Talent”! Sign up to perform a dance routine, sing a song or do something completely unexpected on your own or in groups!

To watch the ‘Looking To Eternity’ trailer CLICK HERE

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Welcome to Looking To Eternity

Looking To Eternity is a feature length film about John, a scrooge-like young man who discovers that he has a terminal illness with months left to live. He has a choice – does he waste the rest of his life or do something with it? A comedic but heartwarming film about John who hates his life, loathes his job and struggles with his reclused brother, but goes on a journey finding faith, hope and joy along the way. A journey which affects his family and those in the hospital around him.

How did this all come together?


The subjects covered are about suffering, faith and hope. Some may find the film’s topics hard to think about and discuss, so we are making something that will aim to help people of all ages feel open to discuss these things – as well as teach young people about filming and cinema. The script has been written by a member of the North Breckland Youth For Christ staff who has recently gone through treatment for a brain tumour.

We took the GSUS live trailer to Northgate High School in March 2018. It was a fantastic week taking the Gospel to 350 young people in a syllabus friendly but incredibly meaningful way.

The gasps of the students as they watched the computers slowly rise from the desks in front of them was a joy at the start of each session. Hearing their discussions as they made their way through the interactive content was…interesting. But answering their questions at the end of the sessions was incredible, being able to answer queries like ‘why does God send people to hell if he loves them?’, ‘what happens when you die?’ and my personal favourite ‘what kind of Christian are you?’

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped us and thank you to all the students who paid us a visit and made it such a brilliant week.

Well, we managed it again! 3 days of broadcasting live for 14 hours a day and doing SOAK projects to make our community a better place.

Despite a few technical hitches, we brought Jesus to radio waves again, sharing some of our BreckFest voices and thoughts for the day to inject a little bit of Jesus into the lives of the people listening. We had young people playing games and having discussions on air in the morning, whilst going off to do some social action projects in the afternoons.

The young people did an amazing job cleaning up places like Mattishall and Shipdham, and going to spend some time with the residents of Eckling Grange. They loved doing their bit for the community and we loved it too.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers that made it possible, whether hosting some of the radio slots, doing some of the techy bits, helping with the social action or all of the above. It would not have happened without you.

Stay tuned for more information about what may happen next…